How To: Make natural rope from Douglas Iris leaves

Make natural rope from Douglas Iris leaves

This video demonstrates how to make natural fiber rope using Douglas iris, a plant which is found along the Pacific coast from Santa Barbara from to Oregon. Before beginning, you should know that Douglas iris is poisonous when eaten, but it should be safe when you are handling it. The plant blooms every spring and dies every winter and has a brighter green color on top and a duller green towards the stalk, with a dark purple tint near the roots. You should collect plants which have died from last season. First, soak the leaves in water for 3 hours and then you can begin to cord the rope. Taking three pieces of the leaves, take the piece furthest to your left and twist it a few times. Then curl it over the other two pieces, rotating in the process. Repeat this process until you have made your rope to the desired length. After watching this video, you should be able to find and create your own rope using natural sources.

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